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Are you a Christian blogger who need a memory jogger from time to time to help you come up with great content to write for your audience? If so I’ve got you covered. I personally have found that having a memory jogger on hand can be very time saving and a headache reliever when trying to pick a topic to blog about.

It can also be very difficult to find Christian oriented blogging ideas online so I’ve created a list of my top 100 things to blog about as a Chrisitan blogger.

This is also the same memory jogger I utilize whenever I need a dose of creativity 🙂

My top 100 Christian blog topics below.

  1. Blog about Jesus.
  2. Share how Jesus has changed your life.
  3. Talk how Jesus changed others lives.
  4. Share bible verses and scriptures.
  5. Talk about a difficult time you overcame.
  6. Share a bible study.
  7. Talk about the coming of Jesus.
  8. Share prophetic headlines.
  9. Give Christian parenting tips.
  10. Share your favorite bible verses.
  11. Help people find their God-given purpose.
  12. Talk about the gifts from the Holy Sprit.
  13. Share tips on prayer.
  14. Share tips on having an effective marriage.
  15. Give out homeschooling tips.
  16. Share tips on raising Christian kids.
  17. Talk about what the bible says about finances.
  18. Talk about the challenges you’ve been able to overcome.
  19. Share things that refresh your spirit.
  20. Share your aha moments with God.
  21. Share the prayers of yours that have been answered.
  22. Equip other Christians to trust God.
  23. Equip other Christians to stand strong for their faith.
  24. Talk about the love of God.
  25. Recommend Christian podcast that’s help your walk with God.
  26. Share Christian books that has helped out your walk with God.
  27. Talk about what to do when your family does not know Jesus.
  28. Talk about the power of repentance.
  29. Share bible verses and advice on how to overcome unforgiveness.
  30. Talk about how to manage life and ministry.
  31. Share how giving to others has blessed your life.
  32. Share tips on how to get over difficult seasons in life.
  33. Share tips on how to trust God through the storm.
  34. Share tips on how to overcome feelings of shame.
  35. Help Christians overcome feeling like an outcast.
  36. Share marriage advice.
  37. Give tips on how to deal with difficult in-laws.
  38. Talk about how to create a war room.
  39. Share Christian Blog Tips.
  40. Talk about how to love difficult people.
  41. Talk about how to get over church hurt.
  42. Share your favorite Christian music and why.
  43. Share stories of your youth group memories.
  44. Teach how to create a prayer journal.
  45. Share your light bulb moments.
  46. Talk about your favorite Sunday school teacher.
  47. Share your morning routine.
  48. Talk about your current bible study plan.
  49. Give tips on how to meet other Christians.
  50. Share tips on how to find a Godly spouse.
  51. Give tips on how to choose the right church.
  52. Share church event ideas.
  53. Share your favorite bible verse and why.
  54. Talk about the different people in the bible.
  55. Share your favorite bible study apps.
  56. Give tips on how to memorize scripture.
  57. Give tips for online ministry.
  58. Share the best gift ideas for Christian friend.
  59. Share tips on how to help others overcome grief.
  60. Share your favorite bible supplies.
  61. Share things Christians should never forget.
  62. Share what Christians could do more of.
  63. Give tips on how to create family faith goals. 
  64. Share Christian homemaking advice.
  65. Give tips on Christian entrepreneurship.
  66. Do a Google+ or Periscope Hangout
  67. Write about people who inspire you as a Christian.
  68. Promote others in the Christians online in your blog post.
  69. Create an audio blog post.
  70. Give us a tour of your church.
  71. Share the funniest thing that happened in church.
  72. Share your faith bucket list.
  73. Share your favorite paper bible study supplies.
  74. Share your favorite digital bible tools.
  75. Share your favorite Christian clothing store.
  76. Share your favorite Christian book store.
  77. Share your favorite Christian jewelry store.
  78. Share tips to spring clean your life.
  79. Share tips on how to grow closer to family.
  80. Give tips on time management.
  81. Share blog post that will encourage others.
  82. Give tips on how to walk by faith.
  83. Talk about how to make Godly decisions.
  84. Talk about the top mistakes Christian bloggers make.
  85. Talk about how to support the husband’s walk with Jesus.
  86. Share what psalms teach about God.
  87. Share with Proverbs teach about God.
  88. Give tips on how to wait on God.
  89. Share blog post about the prophetic.
  90. Share your dreams and visions.
  91. Share bible tips on how to eat healthy.
  92. Give tips to overcome bad habits.
  93. Talk about overcoming or avoiding pride.
  94. Talk about how to break strong holds.
  95. Give tips on how to stand for Jesus.
  96. Share tips on how to be still for God.
  97. Share tips on how to let God fight your battles.
  98. Give tips about effective communication.
  99. Share tips on biblical beauty.
  100. Write about the armor of God.
  101. Talk about overcoming stress Gods way.

Did you love this list of 100 Christian blog topics? If so feel free to Pin/bookmark this page. Did you see something you would like to add to the list ext feel free to share below 🙂


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