With your laptop out and coffee in hand your ready to present some juicy content to your audience. Until all of  a sudden your mind goes blank, your hands begin to sweat and the inspiration suddenly fades away.

You know your tribe is waiting with much anticipation and

you don’t want to let them or yourself down and even worse lose the attention of the thriving audience you have.

So you panic.
You Procrastinate. 
You give it all a break.

But your Writers Block has not gone away, so what now?

Well here’s the good news, having writers block does not mean you have no clue about the subject at hand. Nor does it have anything to do with being lazy or uncreative.

In fact, you probably have wrote or talked in great detail about many subjects within your niche before. Writers block is just something that even the best of us can face at any moments of time in fact according to NextScientist.com even Ph.D. students face writers block from time to time. 

100 blogging ideas with free pdf

So don’t feel like your alone all writers/bloggers have struggled with Writers block at one point or another. But I am convinced that if you understand what is causing your writers block you can remove that obstacle and allow your content to flow. After much research I’ve found that writers block is something that affects each writer in a unique way. Meaning the reason behind having writers block may differ from person to person. Writers block can come because of stress, feeling inadequate, nervous, fear of success or failure ext.

Also I’ve found that the #1 reason most think there having writers block is NOT the reason. Which is “You lacking the passion for the topic”, now don’t get me wrong if you hate writing about your topic this can very well be the case. But if you love your subject than we may need to search a bit deeper to find the problem.


Here’s what 4 other writers stated about their experience when facing writer’s block & some unique solutions:


1) Consuming Thoughts

overcoming writers block 2

Quick Solution: Having ideas stuck in your  head will drive anyone crazy the best solution to fix this type of writers block is to write all of your thoughts on a piece of paper. According to the Wall Street Journal, writing by hand can improve your idea composition, expression, and your motor skill development. So before jumping on your laptop to type your draft, grab a pencil and notepad instead.

2) Fear Of Failure
overcoming writers block 1

Quick Solution: Sometimes when our content gets great results, if we’re not careful we can become afraid that our new article will not receive as many comments or shares. The truth is that all of your content will vary in how many shares and comments they get for a variety of reasons. But if you have written well before, you already have the necessary skillset to write great content again. It’s important that you note down what your audience is wanting to read most and tackle those subjects. In order to overcome this obstacle you just need to change your perspective and take action.

3) Pleasing Your Audience

defeating writers block 2016

Quick Solution: Being afraid to share your creativity because of what others think can truly hinder not only your writing but you it can stop you from using your God-given gifts, talents and skills in the marketplace. In order to overcome this challenge, you will need to turn the focus from yourself and to the reader. Think about how writing about your topic is going to help out the reader and not on your insecurities or shortcomings. This will help you focus better and write with more fulfillment.

4) Overthinking
overcoming writers block 3

Quick Solution: Writing great content starts with your pen/pencil and paper, then let the ideas flow. Don’t worry about the details like formatting, grammar or images just yet. Once you feel you have completed your draft then add all of the little details to your post.

Now here’s the bonus… After my research, I found that most peoples writers block had a lot to do with that they did not know what content to write about.

So I want to share with my top 100 blogging Ideas you can utilize to begin writing great content for you audience. Also, at the end of the blog I’ve included a free pdf download for you to use as a memory jogger along with my YT video I did covering this topic.

My top 100 blog ideas to come up with great content (Free Pdf Included)

Ask Google

Subscribe to Popular Blogs RSS

Listen to your audience on forums ext.

Follow your niche popular trending topics

Write on a notepad instead of typing

Ask your readers what they want to hear

Use Reddit trending topics

Website Analytics

Top niche magazines

Social media surveys

You can create welcome emails

Use Google Alerts for specific topics

Utilize Hubspot’s

Get content ideas from a niche related mag or book

Check out your competitors FB wall for ideas

Check your email analytics for your best content

Look at social mentions

Utilize Google keyword planner tool

Analyze your other content

Get ideas from niche related forums

Check out Niche popular Youtube channels

Look at Youtube Comments

Check out Yahoo Answers for FAQ

Stumble Upon Inspiration


Ask a peer or fellow writer/blogger

Find top hashtags in your niche

Look at offline materials (brochures ext)

Quora.com- for FAQ

Use Linked-In Groups

Look at Twitter Trends (on Twitter sidebar)

Facebook Feed

Use Uber Suggest

Check out Google Ads

Niche blogs top post

Search Pinterest

Look at Niche Pinterest Boards

Blog Terrasse

Pinterest Inspiration

Look at your blog comments

Use Free Keyword Niche Finder


Look at Reddit List

Google Hot Trends


Look at Buzzsumo

Review your niche popular shows

Write about niche related new/press

Create a Case study (personal or other)

Do a Youtube Vlog

Write a product/service review

Create Pros & Cons review

Create a review video

A-Z Post

Inspirational Post

Do a Tutorial

Show before and afters

Be transparent in a post

Mix your content blog post

Do popular interviews (ex: blog, video podcast)

Get interviewed and add it to your blog

Do your own webinar

Host live broadcast on Youtube

Do a live FB Video

Do a Google+ or Periscope Hangout

Write about people who inspire you in your niche

Promote others

Audio post

Tell your story

Do an all picture post

create a cheat sheet post

Talk about misconceptions about a topic

Do a roundup post

Share your customer’s testimonials

Give lifestyle reports

Give income reports

Talk about how to become the best in your field

Talk about how not to fail in your niche

Give trending statistics

Talk about niche mainstream success stories

Tal k about how to create something

Give your top recommendations

Talk about challenges you overcame

Repurpose your presentation (online or off)

Compare different strategies you’ve tried

Talk about your daily task

Repurpose your podcast

Repurpose Your Video

Give the history of something

Share must have tools or products

Share must read books, magazines or blogs

Get inspiration from your own book or ebook

Create a beginners guide

Give your review about others perspective

Use the Partent Idea Generator Tool

Utilize the Headline Generator tool

Allow guest posting on your blog

100 blogging ideas with free pdf

The top 4 Things I recommend implementing along with the list of ideas above:

Reading your bible and pray (Point 97): I’ve personally noticed that the more I seek God through prayer and reading his word the better content I create. My motivation for writing the content changed which has ignited my passion for writing again.

I love how Michelle Myers at She Works His Way put it:

she works his way

Give away the good stuff (Point 98): 

Sometimes as content creators we hold ourselves back from giving away the good stuff, believing that people won’t purchase our paid products if we do. You may be surprised to find out though that just the opposite happens. The better quality content you create for free the more people want to purchase your exclusive paid products.

So What’s your audience deepest aspirations? (Point 99): Figure out what motivates your audience and what there overall goals are and write about those things.

Know the things your audience is struggling with most (Point 100): Search niche related forums, Youtube Niche comments, and Niche related popular blog comments. See what questions your audience is asking for help with most and create content answering those questions.

Remember you are a great writer and you have content that can help change your readers life for the better. Use your pen & pad to be the positive difference to others.


The 5 Step Blueprint To Growing Your Audience, Building
Your Email List and Monetizing As A Christian Blogger.

Your Online Mentor,

Ikeashia Barr

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