15 Shocking reasons you should blog for business

So you currently have a static website or capture page & you’re wondering if you need a blog in order to be successful in your online business.

Well this is a deep topic and will require a bit more in-depth answer because there are many awesome entrepreneurs who do not blog and decided to create other content for their audience such as:

  • Podcasting
  • YouTube
  • Social Media

Even though they’re not implementing blogging for their content strategy they understand a very important marketing concept, which is to produce content and to get that same content in front of the people who are looking for the content.

For example, I know someone who chose to focus solely on YouTube videos and drive their viewers to their opt-in page and then converts those same visitors into customers by email marketing. 

I know someone who also sells via YouTube videos, skips email marketing and direct their viewers directly to their products and services link with a program called “Gumroad”.

However, there are some major benefits to implementing blogging into your content strategy and in this blog post, I will be sharing the 15 reasons you should be implementing blogging for your online business.

15 Reasons You Should Be Implementing Blogging For Your Business


1). Add legs to your content

What I love about blogging is that if you post your content the right way your content can work hard for you without you ever having to touch it again.

Here are a few ways you can have your blog post work hard for you.

By adding social media icons to your blog post and allowing people to share your content which could be to 100’s or in many cases 1000’s of people.

By leveraging SEO and Pinterest. In order to have your blog post work hard for you will need to utilize keywords from Google keyword tool planner to see what keywords people are searching for in your industry. Pinterest is also an amazing social search engine that will allow you to drive more traffic to your blog by providing an awesome Pinterest size photo.

-By getting clever with click to tweets and giving people the option to tweet out your blog post in the midst of them consuming the content like the example below 😉

Click to tweet
-By adding an opt-in offer at the bottom of every blog post. This will also allow you to build your email list faster.

-By adding a Pinterest button for people to click and share your image on Pinterest.

2). Your business gets all the attention

Let’s face it online social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ext are awesome for many reasons; however, they are very noisy and it can be a pain to try to keep your audience’s attention on your content. But on your blog, it’s much easier for the viewer to focus in on your text, video, podcast without you competing for that time.

3). Outsmart Your Competition

If you’re in an industry where blogging is not very popular at all, then adding a blog to your business and consistently blogging could instantly give you a competitive edge. This could instantly allow you to be the go-to expert in your particular niche. Also, even if you see people in your industry with a blog online there may not be anyone within your state or local region blogging and this could also give you a competitive edge if you’re more of a local business.

4). Business Culture

A blog allows you to create a culture around your products and services which can make your products allot more appealing to buy. The fact is, there are many people who are selling products online but there are not a lot of people building cultures around those products. Through the content that you provide on your blog you can offer a culture around your products and have a competitive edge. Someone who I think does a great job at this is 

5). Lead Generation

A blog can allow you to generate more leads in ways having a static website, capture page, podcast, YouTube video could not. One of the most popular lead generation ways being via opt-in boxes which offer your blog readers something in exchange for their information.Here are a few examples you can add opt-in boxes to generate leads with your blog:

You can add an opt-in box to your blog’s header
optin 4

You can add it to the footer of your blog

optin footer

You can add it to your blog’s sidebar
optin 2

You can add it as a pop up opt in

optin box 4

6). Affiliate Income

Everyone that follows your blog will not purchase your products and services however if they are following your blog they are obviously very interested in the content that your covering. So another way to make income from people who may just be passing through your blog via Google or social mediad is to market affiliate products to them.

Now I’m not saying you have to do an entire marketing campaign with someone else’s products (although there are many people who do) but you can offer these affiliate products like soft sales meaning throughout a topic you may be covering in your blog post or a training you may be covering. You can leave your personal link as a resource for them to get whatever it is they may need through your affiliate link.

In return of that person buying a product and service through your link that company will give you a percentage of the purchase. Pretty cool right.  A really popular example of this is companies like Godaddy and Hostgator which offer affiliate plans to sign up with 100% free. Of course, you would choose an affiliate company that’s on brand for you and ones that you trust.

7). Resources

A blog will make it easier for your customers to find all the resources they’re looking for pertaining to your business. So instead of everything being scattered throughout your content they can find it in one central place on your blog.

Click to tweet

8). Credibility

Having a blog a blog allows you to instantly position yourself as an expert within your industry. Writing an engaging blog post that helps your audience solve the problems that are keeping them up at night will allow you to demonstrate you know what you’re talking about. Unlike a capture page or website which main focus is to ask for something rather than give first.

9). Test Everything

With a blog, you’re able to test any of your product ideas or email marketing headlines before you officially put them out there. For instance, if you’re wanting to know if a product will work or not, if you have a big enough blog presence you can put the topic ideas in a blog post and see how your audience reacts to the topics.

10). Sell More Products

According to HubSpot’s Research has shown that business that has blog’s sell more products and services.

11). Give your audience more

Unlike capture pages and static websites, blogging allows you to give your website visitors a reason to come back for more of your content. Which will increase the odds of them purchasing your products and services; if you are consistent with posting content on your blog.

12). You can get found easier and faster

ComScore showed in 2014 that there are over 12 billion searches per month on the internet in the united states alone. Because blogs are packed with valuable information Google favors blogs because they believe the person searching will have a better chance of finding their information on there rather than on static websites or landing pages.

13). Own Your Blog

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube are very beneficial to utilize for business. However, as business owners, we don’t own those platforms and so the algorithms can change and we can get kicked off ext. But with your blog as long as you’re hosting your WordPress account yourself you own your blog.

14). Lasting Content

The great thing about having a blog is that you can literally post your article and it can last forever, which will drive more traffic from the search engines for your company forever.

15). The Power of Repurposing

With your blog posts that you create, you can repurpose the content in multiple ways. For instance, many entrepreneurs repurpose their blog content into video topics, podcast, books, products, free offers, ebooks ext.

So what should you do if you really dislike writing?
There are two options that I recommend if you dislike writing:

A). If you dislike writing you can still blog by utilizing videos, podcast or mostly images within your blog post. If you choose to do this I still recommend that you write a couple of words in your blog post to increase your chances being found in the search engines.

B). If you currently have enough of a budget to hire a contractor or employee on in your business. You can simply hire someone to write the blog posts for your business.

As you can see blogging can not only be very rewarding for your business but it can also be a helpful and refreshing resource for your audience.

Not sure of the topics you can blog about for your business? I’ve got you covered! Below is a free cheat sheet pdf filled with 100 topics you can use to create awesome content for your audience.

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Your Online Mentor,

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