45 Free Awesome Photo Websites For Christian Bloggers

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So you’ve created an awesome blog post but there’s just one thing left to do, you need to add some beautiful images to give your content that “IT FACTOR”.

You could just publish it without adding photos but you know by adding awesome photography you will get more shares, repins & comments. 

So you begin searching Pinterest and Google and you find a ton of gorgeous photography & you think “why don’t I just use these”?


99% Of those photos are not free or have limitations on how they can be used.


In fact, Most online graphics fall under basic copyright laws.

Which states that you are financially liable for using copyrighted images on your website that includes for graphics, ebooks, cover photo or any other design.

So before you reuse that image from Google, Pinterest or anywhere else for that matter, make sure you have the legal rights  to do so. Not just to protect your business but to also give the person who is selling the photo a fair financial exchange. 

So what should you do instead?

Well, you could just take your own photos and touch them up and reuse them but more than likely your probably very busy like the rest of us and have no interest in becoming a part-time photographer. So in this case you have 2 options left you can buy stock photography or get your photos from free online resources.

I personally love to utilize free resources for my photography that I utilize for my business. The only time that I may purchase photo’s is for my paid products but even with those I typically utilize free mockups.

In this post, I will be sharing the exact websites  that I get my copyright free photography.

Before I share the list, I want to caution you to always read FAQ or TERMS AND CONDITIONS (if available) because some websites may have certain limitations on the free offer. For instance, some sites may require you “reference” the photographer when using their photo or some sites may limit what you can utilize the photo’s for ext.


Here’s how PicJumbo.com FAQ look 🙂

Stock Photo Websites

Here is my list of the 45 Amazing Stock Free Photo Websites For Creative Entrepreneurs (non-cheesy)

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  1. Picjumbo
  2. SkitterPhoto
  3. SplitShire
  4. Picography
  5. Magadeline3
  6. Foodie’s Feed
  7. Gratisophography
  8. Getrefe
  9. Little Visuals-They no longer update
  10. Jay Mantri
  11. Death To Stock Photo
  12. Unsplash
  13. SnapWireSnaps
  14. Pexels
  15. New Old Stocks
  16. Public Domain Archive
  17. Stokpic
  18. MoveEast
  19. Life Of Pix
  20. Designers Pics
  21. Franken Photos
  22. ISO Republic
  23. Negative Space
  24. Startup Stockphotos
  25. Stocka
  26. StockSnap
  27. Instastock
  28. Fancy Crave
  29. Good Stock Photos
  30. Kaboompics
  31. Barn Images
  32. Shutteroo
  33. Creative Vix
  34. TookAPic
  35. Photo Collections
  36. Splashbase
  37. Epicantas
  38. Cupcake
  39. cco.photo
  40. Travel Coffee Book
  41. MMT
  42. Raw Pixel
  43. Photo Crops
  44. Creative Convex
  45. Re-Splashed


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