5 Awesome Productivity Tips For Christian Bloggers

I know some of my peeps are probably cooking, working out ext. so I’ve created an audio version of this post “5 Awesome Productivity Tips For Christians Bloggers” you can find it below 🙂

Running a successful blog while taking care of your family is no easy job and if you’re anything like me & most Christian bloggers you’ve probably found yourself:

-Feeling guilty

First of all, I want you to know that these feelings and emotions are completely normal and your not alone. Again, most Christian bloggers have felt this way. Learning how to be productive is a skillset that has to be developed.

Once you develop this skillset your productivity will skyrocket as well as your peace of mind. Now I know there’s a ton of content out there about “time management” but the problem is that most of it is not very realistic which makes it hard for anyone to follow.

In this blog post, I want to share with you the exact strategies I’ve learned since I started blogging not to long ago. Also please keep in mind I understand we all have different responsibilities, so feel free to tweak these strategies to make them work for you 🙂

5 Awesome Productivity Tips For Christian Bloggers

1). Do More Work!

Before you think I’ve gone crazy just hear me out.

I’ve personally learned that picking specific days out of the week to complete a bulk of task has saved me a ton of time and has allowed me to get the “must do” tasks completed.

The concept of completing work in a bulk format is to do more work in one day in order to free up the rest of your week or month.

For instance, let’s say you would normally complete a task like blogging day by day, you could just complete all of your blog posts for that week or even month in a 1-2 day time frame. 

So in other words, you will be doing more work that day but by bulking your task together you will be freeing up your time in the long run.

Bulking your task & doing more work in one day or over a span of a week could insanely increase your productivity and allow you to have more time freedom to do other things you enjoy.


2). How to create a bullet-proof scheduling strategy

Work From Home Mom SchedulerThe first rule to effective scheduling is to always add your top priorities first on your calendar. Meaning things that truly matter to you like your time with God, family time and then things that will produce results for your blog.

For instance, for me, I always make sure I fit my personal time with God, my husband, my daughter and blogging activities in my schedule last. I typically have them in this exact order, however, I’m not perfect and I do have to give myself grace from time to time.

So what are your priorities? Write them down and put them first on your calendar.

Next, you want to choose the days you will be completing your bulk task & the days you will be taking the time to chill and rest from your blog.

Choosing your days to complete the bulk task
(here’s an example below)

 You could write out all of your blog post for the week.

Tuesdays: You could type up your blog post and complete the finishing touches like grammar check, SEO check, Pinterest graphics, content upgrade ext.

Wednesday: This can be the day you schedule out all of the content for the social platforms of your choice like Twitter content, FB, Instagram, Pinterest ext. for the week or month. 

Thursday: You could work on creating a new opt-in offer, funnels for your blog or finish working on a paid product.  (this task may only need to be done once every 2 months if your blog free offers are good and if they don’t need revisions).

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: You take these days to just chill out and engage with your audience 10-20 minutes per day.

*Keep in mind this same bulking strategy can be done to schedule your content out a month in advance if you want. Remember you are the boss and everyone’s schedule is a bit different so feel free to customize it to your liking.


3). Why trying to be superwomen could turn you into crazy women 🙂

work from home mom

I know that you love trying new things, however, just remember if you want to have a life outside of your blog, then you must focus on the things you enjoy doing and outsource the rest.

So even though you may be on all the major social media platforms, you want to choose 1-3 to consistently engage on.

For me, my current content strategy is Blogging, Podcasting/Videos & Pinterest marketing.

However, if you’re just learning a new skillset like “blogging” or “Pinterest” or if you’re a beginner in creating content online I highly recommend focusing on one platform at a time until you feel comfortable enough to add on from there. Don’t feel bad if your not able to be active on multiple platforms like others, just remember if you will be faithful with the few things you’ll eventually be able to handle more.

Also, by getting clear on the platforms your gonna focus on you will have way more clarity and focus + you’ll be able to create an awesome editorial calendar 🙂


4). The content that matters

content creationThere’s a big difference between productive work and busy work and we’ve all been guilty of getting the two mixed up. But you want to make sure that you’re focusing on the activity for your blog that matters.

For instance, some of your blogging activities could be:

-Creating blogs headline.
-Writing the rough draft of the topic.
-Editing the grammar.
-Adding or creating the opt-in offer
for your post.
-Creating the blogs image.
-Pinterest board building ext.

Once you’ve figured out what your  blogging activities are you want to simply put these activities as the main tasks you’re gonna focus on and outsource the other stuff utilizing services on Fiverr.com, Elance or Up-work.

5). Why having scheduling tools are gonna be your game changer

How would you like to submit your content on autopilot? Well having awesome scheduling tools will allow you to do just that! 

Trying to manually submit content to the social media platforms you’ve chosen can be way too time consuming and could cost you money in the long run.

If you’re currently not leveraging scheduling tools, you gotta get some setup today, trust me it’s gonna allow you to be way more productive!

Here are the top 5 scheduling tools I personally recommend for Christian bloggers


board-booster for entreprneneurs

This tool is my all time favorite scheduler for Pinterest because it will allow you to post to all your personal and group boards on autopilot. I also love the fact that it allows you to “loop” your pins which mean the software will repin your old post for you which is great for Pinterest smart feed.

As of now there are no other Pinterest schedulers that have this capability. You can get board booster here and receive your first 100 pins free >> GET YOUR FIRST 100 PINS FREE WITH BOARD BOOSTER BY CLICKING HERE <<



twittimerThis tool is a must  for Twitter, it’s super simple and it’s completely free to start with & the payment plans are around $5 a month. This automation tool will allow you to schedule out all of your tweet’s in advance. I personally use this tool over buffer because of it’s simplicity 🙂




This is an awesome tool to utilize if you want to manage your Twitter or Instagram account. This tool allows you to build your audience faster, send out direct messages, unfollow and follow others ext. I personally utilize this tool for my Twitter and Instagram.



work from home moms

These are two of the most popular automation software’s to utilize for scheduling for your social media content. I’ve heard really great things about both, I would choose the one that works best for you.

Being a Christian blogger is an amazing work for the Kingdom of God, however, by implementing these awesome productivity tips you will be more effective with your blogging efforts.


The 5 Step Blueprint To Growing Your Audience, Building
Your Email List and Monetizing As A Christian Blogger.

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