Soulmate: 7 Definite Signs You've Met Your Soul Mate. In this blog post I will be sharing with you 7 signs you've met your soulmate/ true love. If your wondering if the special person you've met is the one this blog post is perfect for you. Click image to read full post and get free e-course >>

So you've found someone that you believe could possibly be your soulmate, however, you want to know how to identify if your truly encountering a soulmate connection.

So what is a soulmate connection? A soulmate is a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. A soulmate connection is not something that just happens during a romantic connection. A soulmate connection can be with a friend or romantic connection. 

However, in this blog post we are going to focus more on the soulmate connection on a romantic level. Also, though I will be sharing allot of tell-tell signs you've met your soul mate make sure you listen to your gut, meaning what is your instinct telling you while being in the person presence.

Here are the 7 tell-tell signs you've met your soulmate:

1). You've met this person under unusual circumstances:

Soulmate: 7 Definite Signs You've Met Your Soulmate. Click to  read the full blog post and get free relationship masterclass >>

Meaning you probably met this person at a time when you were not looking to be in a serious relationship at all.

It's very interesting, how when we stop looking and start focusing on developing ourselves how that special someone tends to pop up. Unusual circumstances could also mean you meeting your soul mate at an event that you were not planning to meet someone at. 

You can also meet your soul mate in more of a planned out situation like "a date" so don't doubt a soul mate connection solely on this sign alone.

2). You feel you've known them longer:

Soulmate: 7 Definite Signs You've Met Your Soulmate. Click to  read the full blog post and get free relationship masterclass >>

This one is so important when it comes  to meeting your soul mate. When you meet your soul mate you will feel like you've known the person for years even though you've just met them. Sometimes the connection can feel so intense and honestly kind of scary because you naturally find yourself being vulnerable with someone you've just met. Vulnerable meaning you find yourself letting your guards down more with your soulmate vs other people you've met in the past.

During this point of soulmate connections most people began to back away from the relationship because the connection is so strong and will require vulnerability and trust.
Also, your mind is trying to fully process what your heart and soul already knows, so it's important to not run away from your soulmate when you get these feelings but to trust the process.

With your soulmate you feel free to be more of who you really are and you can feel instinctively that you can trust the person. Now some people have wondered if a "soulmate" connection can be mistaken between a "narcissist" relationship. The quick answer to that is yes, this is why I highly recommend checking out my blog post "The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Building Trust In Relationships". 

In that blog post I go into allot more detail about how to effectively evaluate your relationships with others to determine if the person your wanting to build a relationship with is trust worthy and how to effectively position people in your life. 

However, keep in mind that teaching is a very logical teaching of things to look for but something you want to keep in mind is your instinct and gut feeling about someone. So while you go through that masterclass that I did just keep gut feeling, instinct and perspective in mind. Again you can find that masterclass/blog post here "The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Building Trust In Relationships".

So yes! One of the major signs that you've met your soulmate is that your "ego" tends to diminish a bit and you feel like you can just be yourself around that person. So again you may find yourself doing things with this person that you've never done with anyone else. This happens because your connection is not built on the ego but a spiritual connection.

3). You feel like your in a partnership:

Soulmate: 7 Definite Signs You've Met Your Soulmate. Click to  read the full blog post and get free relationship masterclass >>

When you come in contact with your soulmate you will feel like you are in partnership. Meaning you can see yourself being able to be with them during all stages of life. For instance you may feel like you can go on adventures with this person, do business, grow spiritually, family life ext.  

A soulmate connection should make you feel like your in partnership with each other. Keep in mind this does not mean a soulmate connection will not have it's difficulties  because they will which I'l be discussing a bit later.

4) Magnetic physical chemistry:

Soulmate: 7 Definite Signs You've Met Your Soulmate. Click to  read the full blog post and get free relationship masterclass >>

With romantic soulmate connections often times you will feel a very magnetic amount of physical chemistry. In other words, you will find simple things like holding hands, kissing, hugs ext. that you've done with others will have a deeper connection when you do these with your soulmate. 
For instance, holding hands is something that you've probably done with others but when you hold your soulmates hands, you've probably felt a electric shock or instant bond like your hands connected perfectly. It's almost like the simple intimate things began to tell a story without you having to say anything to the other person while your doing it.

5). Lots in common:

Soulmate: 7 Definite Signs You've Met Your Soulmate. Click to  read the full blog post and get free relationship masterclass >>

Usually with soulmate connections you both will have allot in common, meaning your beliefs and values are the same, you enjoy the same things and tend to have similar outlooks on life and about love.

Keep in mind you wont be completely the same, so don't think if your introvert and they're extrovert you cant be soulmates but it does mean if you find yourself having all of the things on this list plus allot of things in common that could be a definite sign of a soulmate connection.

6). You feel deep love in your heart:

Soulmate: 7 Definite Signs You've Met Your Soulmate. Click to  read the full blog post and get free relationship masterclass >>

When you meet your soulmate the love that you feel for him/her will be unexplainable and the biggest reason why is because you probably just met this person but you care about them deeply. This is why trying to explain your love for your soulmate to family and friends who have never felt this type of intense connection can be extremely dangerous and difficult and here's why...

Most of your friends and family will probably give you the wrong advice or try to talk you out of the love you have for that person with rational arguments. This could lead to you to possibly losing a good thing with your soulmate. 

Also, many friends/family have never experienced the feeling with a soulmate before and will probably be a little envious of your new found love relationship and give you bad or unclear advice. So be careful.

So, yes, when you meet your soulmate you can fall in love quicker than usual because the bond has such a beautiful connection.

7). They will cause you to grow:

Soulmate: 7 Definite Signs You've Met Your Soulmate. Click to  read the full blog post and get free relationship masterclass >>

So you've met this person and completely fallen head over heals and you feel in your gut that they are the one for you, but you've noticed some weaknesses that they have and it's driving you nuts! Can this person still be your soulmate? The answer is a big YES!

The biggest misconception that most people have about soulmate connections is that the person will be perfect and the relationship will be completely smooth sailing without any ups and downs. This is beyond far from the truth, if we lived in a perfect world were people did not have real life problems then this would be the case but it's not.

The biggest tell-tell sign that someone is your soulmate is if you love that person past there weakneses. Meaning your love for them is unconditional and the connection you have is so deep that though you notice a character flaw of there's your willing to love and work with them through it.

Also, not only will you work with them through it, this persons character flaw may directly or indirectly cause you to grow with your own weaknesses. Meaning this person will cause you to want to grow as a person to have more grace, communicate better, practice forgiveness ext. Whatever your flaws may be your soulmate will trigger that piece of you that needs to grow and they will directly or indirectly inspire you to change.

So the worst thing you can do is go into your relationship with your soulmate thinking they will not challenge your weaknesses or character flaws, which will allow you to grow, because they will.

So these are my top 7 signs that you've met your soulmate, if you have any questions or a personal story of how you've met your soul mate I would love to hear more from you in the comment section below.

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