3 Things that transformed my relationship with Jesus Christ

3 Things That Transformed My Relationship With Jesus

After years of being so focused on my career in marketing and business, I found myself left empty and frustrated. I thought I had obtained allot of the goals I was after in business like money and prestige in my

industry but nothing seemed to satisfy my soul.

It seemed as if I was repeating the same cycle every day chasing money while relying on my same 2 cups of coffee.

I faced multiple burnouts in business and although everything in me was telling me something was not right. I did not stop chasing greed. It wasn’t until I faced my last burnout around the same time I had my daughter and I decided at that moment to give business a break and I told God I was not going back until something’s drastically changed.

I told God I no longer wanted to be an entrepreneur and if He still wanted me to be one to show me how to be one His way. I was shocked what happened next He showed me that the gift of entrepreneurship that He gave me was not about greed, recognition, prestige or any of those things. He showed me that He wanted me to share His word with other Christians in the marketplace and to bring biblical truth in a dark world.

This revelation sparked a fire in me to want to know God on a deeper level. I didn’t want to just go to church anymore or have man-made traditions I wanted a true relationship with Jesus.

So I began to truly seek Jesus and my life has drastically changed, not only am I now running a business focused on Jesus but I’m also a better wife, mother, and child of God because of it. I want you to experience this same breakthrough for you, my problem was greed but your issue may be something different either way Jesus can fix it. God is waiting on you to truly surrender it all to Him and let Him take care of the rest.

 3 things that transformed my
relationship with Jesus.

1). Repentance


The first thing I did was say sorry to God and turn from my sins. I took time out for just me and God and confessed my sins for greed and other sins that I’ve done. I decided to also give up any bad business practices and seek God for biblical success principles to follow for my business. Let me tell you there are a ton that I had no idea about. If you’re a Christian entrepreneur you can find biblical success principles here.

2). 90 Day Challenge


The next thing that I did was give myself a 90-day bible reading challenge to read the bible every single day and spend time with God. I also had a goal to finish the entire bible in 90 days, I was unable to, however, I know many awesome brothers and sisters in Christ who have 🙂

I can honestly say that making the decision to repent and spend time in the presence of God and reading the bible drastically transformed my relationship with Jesus. It also allowed me to fall in love with Jesus again and enjoy spending time with Him.

It was in my quiet time I was able to pour out my heart to God, intercede for myself and others and get specific direction on what to do next.

I now try to spend alone time with God every day and I recommend it for anyone wanting to have a closer relationship with Jesus.

3) The Unplug Method that Works


I quickly learned how difficult it can be to live for Jesus while connected to people and things that were not drawing me closer to God. So I decided to unsubscribe and stop following people who would lead me away from the purpose that God had for my life and let me tell you it was a gigantic relief. I was able to get over people pleasing and just do what God has called me to do.

I know if God can transform my relationship with Him He can do the same for you. Are you currently utilizing any of the above tips to strengthen your relationship with Jesus? If so I would love to hear how implementing them has worked for you in the comment section below 🙂

Ikeashia Barr

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