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Dear Christian Blogger,

What if I told you that you could utilize blogging to grow your audience, build your email list and monetize doing what you love.

Here's A Secret: You Can.

Does This Sound Familiar?...

      • You know that God has called you to blog & you want to be a good steward of your gifts. But you have no idea how to grow your traffic, build your email list or monetize your blog effectively.
      • Your sick and tired of writing an entire blog post only to get no traffic from it. Your ready to use proven traffic strategies to 10x your blog traffic quickly.
      • Your sick of working jobs that leave you bored to tears. Your ready to finally do the work that truly inspires you.
      • Your tired of wasting time searching Google looking for ways to make your blog grow, only to be left with vague advice. You want actual up to date strategies that work today (not 2010).
      • Your tired of learning  entrepreneurial/blogging strategies with a filter because of unbiblical advice. You want a program that will have a healthy balance between spirituality and practical strategies.
      • You want direct customize advice for your specific blogging needs. You need feedback that will help you get over any hurdles along the way.

Did you raise your hand to (any) or all of
the above?
Good. Your SO in the
right spot.

I've Created The Perfect Solution For You!

Here's The Truth. You have the gifts. You have the passion and YOU have the drive to become a widly successful blogger in your niche but your missing one critical thing and that's a STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM.

Imagine If...

      • You could wake up excited everyday because your able to do the work that truly inspires you.
      • Imagine if you no longer had to waste time looking for the right answers to grow your blog, but you had a proven system handed to you.
      • Imagine being able to utilize blogging to leverage your time, so you no longer have to waste your time on things that don't give you any results.
      • Imagine if you had people chasing you down to purchase your products and services, because your blog did all the work for you.
      • Imagine opening up daily emails from people saying how your blog post helped change their lives.
      • Imagine being 100% confident with your blogging strategy. Instead of feeling unsure of what to do next. No more playing the guessing game.

Did you raise your hand to (any) or all of
the above?
Good. Your SO in the
right spot.

I've Created The Perfect Solution For You!

Get This. You can do all of this by utilizing
my favorite secret weapon: Called To Blog.

This is the exact same system I used to turn my life long passion into my full-time business in less than 6-months (and might I add, while entering in as a complete newbie in my niche), In this program I will be sharing with you the same proven blogging strategies that I've used that got me quick results.

In this program you'll discover how to attract the right kind of visitors to your blog as well as, build an email list filled with people who love your content and want to hear from you + You'll get my step-by-step product launch blueprint with product launch swipe files and so much more.

Here's Whats Included In The Course:

Let's Take A Deeper Look At What 
You'll Learn In The 8 Modules:

I'm also giving you some sweet
bonuses, to make
sure you get the
most from C
alled To Blog:



Im an author, entrepreneur and full-time blogger and I've been in business for 6+yrs and I have a crazy passion for seeing Christian entrepreneurs and bloggers further the kingdom of God within the marketplace. Some places I've been featured in have been:

Social Mouths, CNBC Right Now, Oakridger and Marketplace.

Called to blog was created to equip you as a Christian blogger to
be wildly successful within the blogging world by keeping God first, and learning tried and proven blogging strategies that will increase your traffic, build your email list and allow you to monetize your blog.



You will be taken to an order form. Once your purchase is complete,
you'll receive an email with instant access to the entire course!

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

I'm confident that you'll love this program but if for some reason you don't than I'll gladly give you
your money back within 30 days no questions asked. So this course is 100% risk free for you :-)