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Do you have a strong desire to blog & utilize your platform to share the Gospel of Jesus with others?

Have you tried to blog but have not been able to reach those God has called you to serve or impact those your heart is yearning to help?

Are you tired of getting vague advice like:

-Choose your blogging platform.
-Setup your domain name.
-Get your hosting account.

Need I say more…

If so this blog post is for you…

I want you to first know that I completely understand and truly know what it feels like to be a Christian who wants to share Jesus with others in the blogging world but lack the step-by-step direction to get there.


But what does it mean to be called by God to blog?

Being called by God to blog is an amazing opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus with the platform that God has given you. This does not mean you have to be serving the “Christian audience” because God may be calling you to the weight loss industry, beauty industry, cooking, politics, apologetics ext.

The key is to not put God in the box and don’t feel your call is not as important as someone else’s just because your calling may not fit the “preacher like role”.

There’s one body yet different functions within the body of Christ and yes God has called allot of his children to be the light in the marketplace, which may be a job or the business world.

Again, as an example, God may want you to pour into people within the weight loss industry, he may want you to love on those people and help them lose weight but minister to them as well through your platform with your testimony about Jesus ext.

God is after the heart’s of the sinner and they are in the marketplace.

As Christians, we usually have a good idea what we should be doing from the spiritual aspects of things. In fact, most struggling Christian bloggers I talk to are not struggling with they’re blog because they need to grow as Christians or even learn evangelism skills.

In fact, most Christian bloggers are struggling because they need to know the actual skillset to creating and growing a blog effectively.

For instance, let’s say you have a man who has an incredible relationship with God, he wakes up one day and decides he wants to become a doctor.

Can he just depend on his spiritual relationship with God to become a doctor or does he have to gain the necessary skill set to become a doctor?

Right. He has to get the necessary skillset. Now, this does not mean that having a strong relationship with God will not help him with guidance and wisdom in his practice but it means skillset has to be learned.

Well, it’s the same thing with blogging.

Don’t think you’re less anointed than anyone else who are doing great at blogging because more than likely you just need to learn the necessary skill set to blog effectively.

The good news I have an free upcoming workshop where I will be giving you my 5 step blueprint to growing your audience, building your email list and blogging as a Christian blogger. I will be giving you the same information that most people are charging for.

You will be able to leave the workshop with the actual roadmap to create and grow a thriving blog quickly.

So if you’re ready to answer your call to blog, which I know you are I want you to grab your coffee and join me on my upcoming free online workshop. Trust me were gonna have a blast!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to make a powerful impact in the
    blogging world for the kingdom of God.
  • How to monetize your blog effectively &
    put purpose behind the money you make.
  • The secret formula to 10x your blog traffic
    and email list in the next 30 days.
  • The 1 mistake most bloggers are making
    with their blog and how you can avoid it.
  • Learn how to drive massive traffic to your
    blog using Pinterest and how I got 4,660 repins
    and over 1000 likes on Pinterest in just 7 days.


The 5 Step Blueprint To Growing Your Audience, Building
Your Email List and Monetizing As A Christian Blogger.

The workshop will be jam-packed click the image to secure your spot.

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