Christian Blogs: 10 Inspiring Christian Blogs You Should Read This Year. In this blog post I will be sharing a list top Christian Blogs for women, Christian blog for teens, Christian blogs for church and just my overall top 10 Christian blogs to follow. Click the image to read the full post and get the live video Christian blogging workshop >>

Christian Blogs: 10 Inspiring Christian Blogs You Should Read This Year

You’ve got to admit, there is simply nothing better than to take a day to relax, drink a cup of coffee and read some awesome inspiring Christian blogs.

10 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading This Year

Over the past year I have found some amazing Christian blogs that I’ve found super inspiring and equipping for me as a Christian and I want to share those top 10 Christian blogs with you.

First, let me say that a blog is nothing without the writer behind it, so I could have named this post ” the top 10 inspiring bloggers everyone should follow” because it’s really the amazing hearts of the people running these blogs that make them amazing.



1). Carmen the creative genius behind 






First, let me start with miss Carmen. When I say she has so much drive and energy behind what she does that’s an understatement.

Her blog is all about building up other women and equipping you to become closer to the Lord.

She also has such a sincere heart to uplift others and encourages others on their journey with Jesus. She also has an amazing passion for blogging, hint: she just launched a new blogging ebook “Christian blogging 101” which is a must read. 

What I love about this young lady is that she has a strong desire to build true community with other Christians and fellow bloggers. So if your looking for an awesome Christian community to be apart of check her blog out below 🙂


My favorite blog post by Carmen is: 



2). Arabah the faithful steward behind

Christian Bloggers-3





Second, on my list is Arabah joy. There’s just one word to say about this woman she is simply AMAZING!

Yes her blog is all about equipping you to become stronger in the Lord but she also provides some super valuable resources for the body of Christ, anything from blogging to bible study resources.

In fact, she just launched her brand new bible study resource that’s all about equipping you to effectively study the bible.

The coolest thing I love about Arabah Joy is she is super savvy and an action taker she understands the balance between spirituality and practicality. She has a gigantic heart to help the Body of Christ and to be honest her content has inspired so many other bloggers to also step out of they’re comfort zones to blog.


My favorite blog post by Arabah is:

10 Ways To Raise Spiritually Minded Children.


3). Valerie the servant’s heart behind
Christian Bloggers-5





Third, I want to share miss Valerie’s blog. This woman has such a servants heart and giving mentality. Her blog is all about empowering the family unit to become stronger.

I can honestly say we need Christian family bloggers more than ever before and her blog has to be one of the best I’ve seen that gives a full perspective of what it means to raise a Christ-centered home.

If you’re looking for practical biblical tips to keeping your family grounded in Christ you’ve got to check her out.


My favorite blog post by Valarie is:

Strategies to keep your child’s, heart


4). Natalie the faith-driven creative behind
Christian Bloggers-6





First, let me start by saying Natalie is such an authentic person and a breath of fresh air. 

What I love about her blog is that it’s all about helping you heal your soul and she shares her true experiences and what’s she’s learning on her walk with God.

If you’re looking to read a Christian blog that will give you encouragement, comfort and honesty this is the blog to read for sure, Natalie brings all of that and more.


My favorite blog post by Natalie is:

Turn Your House Into A Haven


5). Shannon the passionate warrior behind

Christian Bloggers-7






Let me start by saying Shannon has such a big heart and has an incredible passion for seeing people’s lives changed. 

What I love about her is that she is not afraid to face hardships in life and through the power of Christ overcome them.

The two words that I would use to describe her is “Passionate Warrior” because she’s faced many difficulties in life but she did not let those difficulties define her. In fact, she overcame them and is now blogging and speaking helping others overcome their difficulties in life.


My favorite blog post by Shannon is:

How my scars show me the true love of a savior


6). Cristina the lover of God, Family, and Cooking Christian blogger behind
Christian Bloggers-8





Cristina is such a sweet soul and a complete giver. I love that her blog is a perfect mixture between cooking and sharing her faith with her readers.

Her giving heart, kindness, and manners makes her blog a safe place for mommies to get encouraging biblical teachings with awesome recipes.

If you’re looking to grow closer to Christ while finding recipes on a budget you gotta check out here blog.


The top budget recipes blog posts by Cristina:

You Can Cristina’s Budget Recipes Blog Post Here


7). Lori the authentic healer behind the Christian blog

Lori’s blog and overall mission in life are simply inspiring.  I admire her sincerity about her relationship with God and how she steps out of her comfort zone to share her gifts with others.  

After reading her blog you will see that she is a true jewel and breath of fresh air. If you’re looking to read content that will help refresh your spirit then check out her blog. Also, it helps that her blog design is gorgeous.


My favorite blog post by Lori is:

When Your Not The Mom You Want To Be

8). Melanie Reed the hope advocate behind the Christian blog





Melanie is such a bright, fun and bold personality, what I love most about her is the drive and determination she has to serve others in ministry.

Though her ministry focus is mostly for woman anyone can find hope in her blog post. If you’re looking to read motivating blog post with awesome biblical takeaways you’ve gotta check her blog out.


My favorite blog post by Melanie is:

5 Bible Promises To Strengthen Your Faith


9). Sarah Koontz the purpose driven writer behind





Are you looking for simplicity in God’s word and blog post that are straight forward yet very loving and simple? If so Sarah’s blog is perfect for you!

What I love about Sarah is that she is that she shares biblical teaching that are very simple to understand, she is very organized with her thoughts and you will pick up on that quickly by reading her post.
Another thing I love about her writing is that she writes to give hopes to her readers.


My favorite blog post by Sarah is:

Your ultimate purpose is already inscribed on your heart


10). Shawna & Rae the passionate writers behind
Christian Bloggers-18





Is a Christian blog that seeks to inspire women to fulfill their God-given purpose utilizing online platforms.

I love this blog because they have a great balance between sharing biblical truth with practical steps to building thriving platforms online.

If you’re in Canada they offer in person support, encouragement and friendship while on your journey.


My favorite blog post by A Little Light is:

Christian Women and The Gift Of Creativity.


These are my list of top 10 Christian blogs that are doing awesome things in the blogging world. They have stepped out and decided to fulfill their call to blog. 

If you are a Christian blogger (no matter the niche) and would like for me to check out your blog to feature you in an upcoming post similar to this feel free to share in the comment section below 🙂


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