How to create youtube thumbnails that convert like crazy. In this blog post I will be helping you create a stunning unique youtube thumbnail that will convert to clicks a free step-by-step tutorial will also be included. Click the picture to read the full post >>>

Youtube Thumbnail: How To Create Custom Youtube Thumbnail That Converts

So you’ve created your video and you’ve uploaded it to Youtube but you got one step left. You need to create an eyecatching custom thumbnail in order to get even more clicks.

So what’s a Youtube thumbnail anyways? Your Youtube thumbnail is the screenshot that people see first and is the main thing outside the videos headline that grabs the persons attention. The Youtube thumbnail on your video will determine how many clicks or bypasses you will get on your video, so you dont want to skip this vital step.

Taking out the time to add a thumbnail that works can be the difference between 100’s or 1000’s of views. However, I also want to mention you dont want to add a thumbnail that is a misrepresentation of what the video is about, just to get more views.

Because this can eventually ruin people’s trust in your channel and will annoy your viewers. Trust me #notworthit!

People on Youtube are not looking to waste a bunch of time and their looking for people that can give them information in the best way possible and by having a nice looking thumbnail you are indirectly communicating with them that your video is worth watching.

Think about it when you go to Youtube dont you scan the youtube thumbnails to determine who your going to watch? Yep! So do I 🙂

Here’s how to create a custom Youtube
thumbnail and some tips to make it pop!


1). Make your screenshot Intentional: The first thing that you want to do is, take a screenshot of the image that you want to use for your video. In order to do this you can utilize any screenshot software, most screenshot software comes with your video editing program. If not, you can utilize a free screencapture software called Jing and you can get it here.

Pro Tips:

-Make the screenshot image that you utilize intentional, in other words take a photo before creating the video, instead of utilizing the recommended picture Youtube suggest.

-Also, make sure to size your Youtube thumbnail at 1280×720 or 1920×1080 which are pretty standard sizes.

-Make sure the the image you choose is not blurry and is High Definition.

-Utilize a picture that gives eye contact and that utilzies strong emotions.

-Make sure the picture of the object is close enough so that it’s viewable for people using smaller screens, like mobile devices.


2). Utilizing Canva & or Picmonkey: My favorite way to create my Youtube thumbnails is by utilizing a free design software called Canva and Picmonkey. These two programs are drag and drop softwares and are so simple to utilize. They have Youtube thumbnail templates that you can choose from and you can add/replace any element on the templates.

I personally find Canva the easiest to use to create my Youtube thumbnails but I love picmonkey as well because you can create a transparent and blurred backgrounds which I love to do often.  So I recommend using just Canva or utilizing both of the programs to design the perfect Youtube thumbnail for you.

Feel free to watch the tutorial video to get a more in depth training on how to create your own thumbnail using Canva.


3). Add Text: Some times people are browsing so fast through Youtube that they dont catch your headline, so by adding text to the video it will clarify faster what your video is about. Also, by adding text it will make your video standout as an authority in your niche vs. another video with no text. (Please keep in mind this tip may vary per niche)

Pro tip:

-Make sure the text is visible enough to see on your video in order to achieve this you may need to put a color overlay in the back of the text,  blur the main picture’s  background or you can utilize a solid color for your pictures background.


4). Branding: Once you’ve chosen the overall look for your Youtube channel, make sure you brand it by utilizing the same fonts and colors and overall look and feel. By making your brand consistent your videos will be easily recognizable in the feed and it will build brand trust with your audience.

Bonus Strategy: In order to rank your video better for the keyword of your choice, add the keyword to the thumbnail that you create and you can do this by naming the thumbnail with the keyword in it when you save it to your computer.

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